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Introducing Sleep Time Solutions’ Nicola Squire

About Me

Many parents struggle with their child’s sleep issues. Whether the problems are around frequent night wakings, nap refusal or serial catnapping, excessive night feeds, difficulty with settling to sleep or early morning wake ups, we can work together to encourage healthy sleep habits for your child and better sleep for you.

Sleep is a biological necessity and we all need it to function at our best! As a certified baby and child sleep consultant I work with parents of children up to 5 years to develop healthy sleep habits and leave parents feeling empowered, knowing exactly what they need to do to improve their sleep and what’s going to happen next.

Parenting can be hard, babies and children don’t come with a manual, and things change so quickly when they’re little, it can seem as though we have just got a handle on what’s going on and they up and change on us, moving to a different stage! It’s OK to ask for help, that’s what I’m here for.

I’m the Mum of 3 children and we live in Franklin, Auckland. After spending a large chunk of my life travelling before returning to NZ with my husband to start our family, I struggled a lot when my second baby didn’t sleep.

I couldn’t understand why nothing was working or what I was doing wrong! It was isolating and I found myself not wanting to leave the house in case he slept at the wrong time or was upset the whole time (overtired, grumpy baby, anyone?!) and I was depressed. It wasn’t until he was around 14 months old and we started sleeping properly that life got back to normal and I started to feel like myself again!

Now certified to work with babies and children up to 5 years, I assist Mums with advice and support on their journey to helping their children to get the sleep they need. You don’t have to do it alone!

Sleep Programmes

How I Can Help

A great way to guarantee the best results. Let me check out your child’s sleep environment and show you first-hand how to successfully implement our chosen settling technique so you are set for success.

The next best thing to a home consultation. Let me work with you over the phone to discuss your sleep issues. You will then receive a full personalised plan and follow up support during your journey.

Great for less complex issues when you want that bit of support afterwards, an email package includes a personalised sleep plan for your baby or child, plus a week of follow-up support via email.


I offer group workshops either in-person or online where I will go through all of the areas I cover with my one-on-one clients and give you all of the information you need to improve your child’s sleep issues.